Top Tech Blogs in Nepal

We believe you all follow tech blogs to get the latest tech updates. If you need to buy a new gadget,  you definitely check its specifications, features, and pricing online. Not only this, if you need to know about the rules and regulations in the IT sector, but you also prefer tech blog over news sites as they’re more related to it. 

Do you think, all the blogs claiming to be tech blogs operating in Nepal are trustworthy? Do you believe in all websites which post tech stuff? Well,  you shouldn’t. There are lots of websites which circulate misinformation for click baits. They can drive you towards the wrong decision. 

Here,  we’re going to discuss the top trustworthy tech blogs in Nepal. We haven’t included Gadget Concern here. You can judge our site based on your experience. 

We want to inform you that this article is entirely based on the personal opinion of the author and Gadget Concern can’t argue the order of the blogs mentioned here. You’re the one who makes them rank higher. So, we suggest you share what you think in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee the authenticity of the logos mentioned in this blog post. They are for representational purpose only.

Gadgetbyte Nepal Logo
Gadgetbyte Nepal Logo

1Gadgetbyte Nepal

Gadgetbyte Nepal is unarguably the best tech blog in Nepal. It has achieved the height of popularity other sites are struggling for. Gadgetbyte Nepal was established in 2013 AD. The official Facebook page of Gadgetbyte Nepal has crossed 200K Facebook likes and is at the top spot in independent tech pages in Nepal. It has surpassed 180K YouTube subscribers too. Similarly, the official twitter handle has got over 7K followers while the Instagram account has got over 16K followers. 

Gadgetbyte Nepal posts about the tech updates every day. It’ll inform you of almost everything related to gadgets in Nepal. Gadget launches, its specifications, pricing, and reviews cover most of its content. Besides this, it’ll suggest you the best gadgets at different price ranges which will eventually help you in selecting your new gadget.

ICT Frame Logo
ICT Frame Logo

2ICT Frame

ICT Frame has been placed in the second spot on our list. It is also the complete tech info blog. It has completed 80K likes on Facebook. The subscriber count on its YouTube channel is hidden. But we believe, it contains subscribers not less than 15K. 

You’ll get all sorts of tech content in this blog. It covers everything from gadgets to all up to fintech. Its contents are available in two languages i.e. Nepali and English. During the time of updating this post, it was in the second number among all Nepali tech blogs. ICT Frame was established in 2014. Since then, it has been covering up all tech things in Nepal. I believe, until the next update to this post, it suits the second place. Who knows, it may climb to the first place in the next update.

Tech Lekh
Techlekh Logo


TechLekh stands at the third number on our list. It will cover you almost everything related to tech in Nepal. As Gadgetbyte Nepal is mostly focused on gadgets, this can be your next blog to follow. It has got more than 70K likes on its official Facebook page. The subscriber count in it’s YouTube channel has crossed 13K. 

TechLekh has got more to offer than any other site on this list. It covers the major tech events which include gadget launches, tech fairs, WordCamp, hackathons and the one that can’t be left unincluded, the auto events. You’ll get to know about the vehicles available in Nepal with reviews of some of them. 

So, we strongly believe TechLekh deserves the third spot. 

Nepali Telecom
Nepali Telecom Logo

4Nepali Telecom

Nepali Telecom stays at the fourth spot on our list. It has more than 65K likes on Facebook.

Nepali Telecom is mostly focused on Telecom related information in Nepal. You won’t get telecommunication news in Nepal in any sites as you can get in it. You can know about the offers of telecommunication service providers, tutorials to access the services and so on. Besides this, it will keep you updated about every mobile phone launch in Nepal. It also posts about ISP related information in Nepal. 

Tech Sathi Logo
Tech Sathi Logo

5Tech Sathi

Tech Sathi is the newest tech blog on our list. It has achieved the height that needs lots of struggling in such a short period of time. It has surpassed 11K likes on Facebook and has more than 400 members in its Facebook group. Similarly, it has got its 5K subscribers on YouTube. 

Tech Sathi will keep you updated on almost all tech-related fields. You won’t miss any gadget launches, tech events and tech offers after following it. Startup stories in this blog will definitely motivate you to start doing something new. It has got a series of posts that suggest the best options for you which will guide you while choosing the app on your mobile phone to ordering food online. You’ll be provided with unbiased and honest reviews which will make your buying decisions smooth. 

Saying in one sentence, you’ll get a whole tech package in a single blog follow by following Tech Sathi. If you want articles from every tech sector, we highly recommend this blog. You wouldn’t want to miss updates from this blog.

Techinfo Nepal Logo
Techinfo Nepal Logo

6Techinfo Nepal

Techinfo Nepal is another tech blog that provides you classified tech information. It has been able to get over 40K Facebook page likes.

You’ll find posts related to almost all tech subfields in this blog. It is serving the updates on gadget launches and tech events. You’ll also get tech tutorials in this blog. Not limited to this, Techinfo Nepal gives you information about auto, games and even gives you devise comparison and price of gadgets and auto in Nepal. 

Basically, it is a tech blog that posts all sorts of articles that belong to the tech niche.

Gadgets in Nepal
Gadgets in Nepal Logo

7Gadgets in Nepal

Gadgets in Nepal is one of the most popular tech blogs on social media. It has over 105K page likes on Facebook, 9K subscribers on YouTube and 1K followers on Instagram.

You can get a similar sort of content like Gadgetbyte in it. You’ll find posts regarding gadget launches, reviews,  tips and tricks along with buying suggestions.

Gadget frame logo
Gadget Frame Logo

8Gadget Frame

Gadget Frame was started as a platform to compare gadgets online. It has a mild social media presence. It has got over 11K Facebook likes.

You can get the latest Gadget updates along with the latest price updates of gadgets in Gadget Frame. In this site, you can get gadget reviews too. It is the only blog where you can compare the specifications of the gadgets, side by side. It has got great potential to grow in the future which inspired us to include it in our blog.

TechPana Logo
TechPana Logo


TechPana is another member of our list. It has got over 18K Facebook page likes. It provides content in the Nepali Language. It is its strength. It has grown a lot in a very short period of time.

Unlike other tech blogs, it provides news in only the Nepali language. It’ll provide you information on everything related to technology. It is a complete tech news site in the Nepali language. This is unique among all the blogs listed here and has got great potentiality.

This blog/ site is the one that shouldn’t be forgotten to mention. This deserves to be here.

TechPatro logo
TechPatro Logo


TechPatro is one of the fastest-growing tech blogs in Nepal. It has got more than 8K likes in its Facebook Page.

This covers all-around tech. It’s contents are available in the English language. The content it publishes are based on the topic that people should follow. It posts fewer posts but they deserve a read from every people. The less but engaging post makes it special. Once you visit the website, you’ll definitely be a repeating visitor.

These are the top ten best and trustworthy blogs in our opinion. There are other blogs doing great in Nepal. We can’t include all in our top 10 list. The following are some of the other few trustworthy tech blogs in Nepal.

  1. ICT Samachar »
  2. Prabidhi Info »

Have we missed any tech blog which deserves to be on this list? If yes, please mention it in the comments below. We’d love to check them out and include them on our list of they deserve!

Keep supporting ‘Tech’. Have a good time.