Smart Cell Data Breach Case

Yesterday, an anonymous hacker with username @LKhyah on Twitter leaked 5000 more Smart Cell users’ data. He posted the dump on dark web. The data dump contained name, phone number and address as usual. He had leaked 500 in the beginning and leaked more 5000 later. Previously, he used to post a Medium post with link to data. However, this time he posted on dark web as his Medium account was banned. Including this leak, he’s leaked total of 10,500 Smart Cell users’ data till now.

Although 10,500 users’ data has been leaked, Smart Cell hasn’t talked about the issue yet. From the first article, we’ve been requesting Smart Cell to look after the issue and provide information regarding it. We even called them. Well, they act irresponsible.

The hacker seems to be furious to the government. He’s been asking for the justice for journalists in his every update.

We talked to hacker and asked few questions to him. We’ve presented his sayings at the end of this article. Make sure to check them out.

For now, let’s read what he posted along with his data. [We’ve excluded links for privacy and security reasons]

Note: This article will self destruct at exactly 7 30 PM (NPT) tomorrow.

Dear Government

So you guys got my medium account deleted but doing that will not help you cover up your deeds.

So I will be summarizing both the articles in this single one article and I am posting 5000 more data because GOVERNMENT.

As usual the leak is at the end of the article.

So the story starts from around a week ago with one of the reporters being beaten badly even after having a media pass and was arrested by the police.
After that some of the reporters went to the SP office and she refused to talk to them because she knew police was on the wrong side and didn't want this thing to become a news sensation.

Ignoring the journalists made the situation worse for the police because two of the senior journalist of Birgunj decided to protest against whatever happened. Here is one small clip of the protest.

Now these corrupted people in power got even more furious after this incident and were ready to do anything for the protest to stop.

The only way they found to silence these protesting journalists was to quarantine the journalist. So they manipulated the report and the report of both the journalist were shown positive with the novel corona-virus even though they didn't have any symptoms of it.

The next day the family of the reporter also went to test if they also had this virus but yesterday (Saturday 17th May) the whole family report turns out to be negative. Here is the source that proves my claim. Not just that the report of other journalists who were in regular contact with the journalist were also negative. This proves the manipulation of the report. Again, I am attaching proofs to support my claim.

Reports :
[This area contained link to COVID-19 reports]

Now I demand justice for the all these journalists and I want government to take action against the corrupt people behind all of this.

Not  only this but I also got information from someone that the patients in Narayani hospital Birgunj are being treated like animals by the doctors and nurses. They get warm food in plastic which is already very bad for health. Nothing is managed in hygenic manner. There are only 2 toilets for the use of 23 people and toilet is very unhygenic. Vegetarian people are only served with 1 packet Tiger biscuit as breakfast. Also they have been keeping 8 patients in one isolation ward. { Some of these can be confirmed here: } {After all this torture 2 patients tried to run away from the hospital and SP gave permission to shoot them. (Source: ) } I am pretty sure there must be more such hospitals in Nepal where patients are being treated the same way. I also request government to look into this matter ASAP.

My last leak of 5000 users [Link to previous data]

My new leak of more 5000 users [Link to new data]

Hail Nepal.

Today morning, he posted a tweet regarding Sanopaila feeding the infected people. He also thanked Sanopaila for the generous act. After this tweet, he updated the text and removed Narayani Hospital case. [We’ve presented you the original text before update above.

Will he leak more data?

Everyone has this question in their mind. So, we went a step further and asked him if he’ll leak more data soon. As a reply to our question, he said of giving 3 days time to the government for action. He also said that he’ll come with bigger data leak if his demands are not met within these 3 days.

He’s been denying to say where he extracted the data from. Also he tells he’s ready to face jail for this case.

The recent data breaches have clearly shown the current cyberspace status in Nepal.

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