Ncell's Super 4G Offer

Ncell, Nepal’s second-largest telecommunication company has the company has come up with an offer called ‘Super 4G‘. The pack includes non-stop YouTube and 4GB all-time data in 4G network valid for a week for at just Rs. 127.69.

Ncell’s Super 4G Offer:

The offer can be used only in the 4G network. So, before buying the package, make sure you have a 4G capable device, 4G enabled SIM and 4G network in your area. Else, you’ll only lose your money and won’t be able to use the offer.

Volume – 4G networkValidityPricePrice incl. taxes
Non-stop YouTube + 4GB All-time data7 daysRs. 100Rs. 127.69

You might have seen Ncell’s advertisement saying non-stop YouTube and 4GB all-time data at Rs. 100, that’s the price excluding tax and while adding tax, the price reaches Rs. 127.69. Similarly, you’ll have the option to add add-ons for an extra price.

Add-ons for Ncell’s Super 4G offer:

You can buy two add-ons if you have purchased the Super 4G package; for Facebook and TikTok. If you think 4GB all-time data isn’t sufficient for you even having a non-stop YouTube offer, you can add 500MB for Facebook daily for 7 days summing up 3500 MB for Rs. 25.54.

The same goes for TikTok too. If you’re a heavy TikTok user, you might want more data for it and Ncell has included it in the add-ons list. You can get 500MB daily for 7 days making a total of 3500MB for Rs. 25.54 extra. Here too, you’ll see Ncell’s advert saying Rs. 20 and we know you’re pretty smart to know it’s without taxes.

And guess what? You can buy both add-ons if you wish to use both Facebook and TikTok heavily.

You must note that you need to have subscribed the Super 4G offer to enjoy these add-ons.

Volume – 4G networkValidityPricePrice incl. taxes
3500MB for Facebook
(500MB per day for 7 days)
7 daysRs. 20Rs. 25.54
3500MB for TikTok
(500MB per day for 7 days)
7 daysRs. 20Rs. 25.54

Ncell is said to bring this offer to regain its lost and attract the new customers. As per the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, Ncell had lost almost 9 lakh customers in the first two months of lockdown. Before lockdown (end of Falgun), Ncell had 1,71,71,675 customers which decreased to 1,62,91,997 at the end of Baisakh.

Whatever might be the reason, Ncell users will definitely be benefitted from the offer. This offer is the best offer available in the Nepalese market right now.

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How to purchase the Super 4G offer?

If you are sure that you’ve 4G supporting device, 4G enabled SIM and 4G network in your area, you can purchase the offer by simply running the USSD *17123# and selecting the Super 4G option.

Frequently Asked Questions on Super 4G Pack:

Can I use the Super 4G pack in 3G or 2G network?

No, you can’t. Ncell says, “To use Super 4G pack, you will need to be in 4G network coverage.”

How can I know if I have 4G or not?

If you are in the 4G network, have 4G SIM with the 4G handset, you will see 4G or LTE label in your network bar when you turn on data on your phone. To check if your SIM is 4G or not, type Q and send SMS to 324. 

How can I upgrade my 3G Ncell SIM to 4G?

If you have 4G handset but have 3G SIM, visit your nearest Ncell Centre or Ncell authorized shops to upgrade your SIM for free. You will also get 1GB free data when you upgrade.

What happens if I am playing YouTube using Super 4G pack and my network changes to 3G?

If you are surfing YouTube using Super 4G pack and if your network changes to 3G, YouTube will stop playing. You’ll not be charged from your main balance. This is quite a good decision by Ncell.

Can I take the Facebook and TikTok add-on pack only without purchasing Super 4G Pack?

No, Ncell hasn’t made it available to purchase add-on packs only. To buy the add-on pack, you must have bought Super 4G Nonstop YouTube pack first.

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