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The new ride-sharing platform will come to operation after the lockdown ends. With the brand name ‘Motor’, a new platform is being added to the market. The platform will give space to both two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

The company got its name from the Nepali version of ‘vehicle’. The vehicle is called ‘Motar’ in Nepali. As its name suggests, the platform will be facilitating both two and four-wheelers.

The company says that it’ll be working with 0% commission for three months. In this duration, riders can get optimum benefits. Let’s have a look of the features of Motar.

Features of Motar:

Motar will be coming with pretty amazing features for both the riders and users. The company claims that it’ll be the best choice for both the riders and the users. So, what will be its features?

The company will have insurance for both the riders and the users.

No Commission:
There will be a 0% commission rate for the riders for three months. After three months too, the commission rate will be pretty low.

Less Charge for Users:
As there won’t be a commission charge, users will get a chance to use the service in less charge compared to all other ride-sharing platforms.

Holiday package for the best riders:
The company will arrange holiday packages for the best performing riders. They’ll get a chance to visit amazing international holiday destinations.

No Commission in Night Time:
Even after three months, the company won’t charge the riders during night time. The users can also get service easily and the riders also won’t need to pay to the company.

Cities you can find Motar in:

Motar will begin its services from Kathmandu. The company is looking to expand its services to Pokhara and Chitwan. The team sees a lot of possibilities in Chitwan. The company won’t be limited to these cities. According to the market response, the services will be expanded to more cites.

Plans of the Future:

The company has planned a lot of things for the future. In the near future, the company will be starting a long ride-sharing service. People can share their car’s space with other people and even earn money. The company believes that this type of service will address the problem of transportation during festivals. Some people don’t want to go via bus but don’t get flight tickets. The service will be much helpful for them. The company will be adding more services in the coming days.

Who are the founders of Motar?

The company got into reality due to the effort of three people. Yash Morbita, Sarooj Mansoor, and Avash Man Shrestha are the founders of Motar.

Sarooj Mansoor
Sarooj Mansoor is the CEO and co-founder of Motar. He’s a software engineer and has been running Cosmio Infotech Besides this, he’s running, an online shopping platform and Made En Nepal.

Yash Morbita
Yash Morbita is the founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Motar. He is running an online shopping platform, Nepholic and the Zumails Logistics.

Avash Man Shrestha
Avash Man Shrestha is the co-founder of the company. Previously, he was working at Nepholic and Zumails Logistics with Yash Morbita as a business partner.

Where did the idea of ‘Motar’ come from?

During ride-sharing, the drivers used to complain about the high commission rate of the companies. When the founders used to ask why don’t they change the platform, the common answer used to be ‘there’s no alternative platform.’ So, to be the alternative that riders want, the team made the plan and started gathering information and resources. It took almost a year to change the dream into reality.

The service will be available after the end of the lockdown in Kathmandu. The features feel awesome in words. The public will judge the quality and determine if the company is worth to run in the country.

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