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The government has imposed nationwide lockdown. We all are staying inside our house, and spending time is damn tricky for us. Well, there are some people out there who are working to fulfill their as well as other’s dreams. The Lozoom is one of such example.

Lozoom, which got its name from the Nepali language spoken in some area in hills and mountains meaning ‘Let’s go’, is a ride-sharing platform. Founded by three energetic youths, Lozoom will come into operation after the lockdown ends. The platform is multi ride-sharing platform. You can use your two-wheeler, three-wheeler and even four-wheeler and make money.

The company says, “Lozoom itself means ‘let’s go!’ in typical Nepali language spoken in some areas in hills and mountains. In one session facilitated by Anterprerana, Sixit Bhatta, co-founder of Tootle, gave his experience about how Tootle got its name after 9 months. There should be two syllables in a name. To be catchy, that statement confirmed our name Lozoom.”

The company will start its operation from Kathmandu valley after lockdown. The company says, “We’ll start from Kathmandu valley, not just the Ringroad area.”

Features in Lozoom:

Features are what determines the growth of the company. More user-friendly the features more will be the growth of the company. Lozoom has also got a bunch of features for both the drivers and passengers.

Features for Passengers in Lozoom:

1. Accident Fund

Company has created an accident fund for possible mishap cases. The fund will cover a certain percentage of treatment in case of a mishap.

2. Gender Privilege

Female passengers have the privilege to choose either male or female riders.

3. Online and Offline Service

Passengers who don’t own smartphones or don’t have access to the internet can still take our service by calling 9802323233 , 9802323234 , 9802323235 , 9802323236. company will receive the call and send the request to the nearest drivers available.

4. Holiday Package

Every ride passengers take will generate a unique booking ID, which will give them a chance to win two-way tickets to the internal cities like Pokhara or international cities like Bangkok, Maldives and Singapore.

5. Free rides

First 5 % of passengers will get a few rides free every month for five years, and the first 5 % will be reviewed every 6 months. If there are 100 passengers in Baisakh and you are in number 4, then you will get a free ride. If you are in number 10 than in 6 months when passenger grows to 1000 then 5% of 1000, the first 50 passengers are eligible.

Features for Drivers in Lozoom:

For drivers too, the company has an accident fund. The company will also provide free data and fuel to dedicated partners.

Lozoom has got a child education policy where a school fees for a child of one of the riders will be paid for the whole session. If the rider is a bachelor and doesn’t have his children, he/she can educate his siblings. If he/she doesn’t have siblings too, he/she can join with other lucky passengers for a foreign trip to Bangkok or other cities. The drivers can even make an on-spot booking and get a bonus through the app.

Payment Methods Accepted in Lozoom:

Lozoom will accept the payments both from online and offline. Here we’ve listed the payment methods accepted in Lozoom.

Commission from Riders:

According to the company, for now, Loozom has different commission rates for different types of vehicles. For lady drivers, there is almost a 0% commission rate. The commission rate for electric scooter is 0%. Bikes with less mileage will have low commission rates compared to high mileage.

Who’re in the team of Lozoom?

The company, Lozoom, was founded by three people, namely, Pratiq Subba, Denis Karki and Gunja Sunuwar.

Pratiq, who will be acting the CEO of the Lozoom, has done MSc in Operation and Innovation from Aalborg University in Denmark. He also worked as station coordinator in BFM 91.2 Biratnagar, where he excelled in making creative, humorous advertisements which can be seen in the marketing strategy of Lozoom.

Gunja is graduated in master’s in Information Technology from Aalborg University In Denmark. He’ll be working as the CTO in the company.

Denis has graduated from Australia and is now Vice-chairman of Birat Medical college. Denis also studied in the London School of Economics and Political Science in the UK.

Besides the founders, Operation manager is Nirnay Thulung, and Marketing manager is Lelyn Dhungana.

The team went to Calcutta and studied Ola, went to Denmark and studied offline taxi systems and did research in Nepal with riders and passengers, and finally started the company.

In our question to ‘How much confident are you in the market?’, the CEO says, “Lozoom has emerged from the expectation itself, I mean we have developed this app keeping in mind the needs, and expectation of present riders and passengers”.

The company claims Lozoom is cheaper for passengers and riders get more than most of the ride-sharing apps. Its rider’s gender choosing option for the female user may help in its growth. Probably, its offline service feature will also help the company. However, you, me, and everyone will know after lockdown if it’s going to change the game in the market.

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