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Messenger is the most popular messaging service has got plenty of users. Billions of messages are exchanged using the service daily. You might be one of the users of Facebook Messenger. If you’re, you are going to learn something extremely important.

Sometimes, our past messages in Messenger are extremely important. Important information like password shared by colleagues for a project, someone’s email address, someone’s home address, etc. shared on Messenger messages become ridiculously important. It creates a problem when the second person is not reachable and you need the information at the moment.

Besides this, Messenger messages are emotions. They can be used to remind the friends, the relationship moments, project periods and so on.

It becomes almost impossible to find those messages when you’ve exchanged hundreds of sets of messages. Isn’t there any way to find those precious messages?

Definitely, there is. We can search for messages from our past messages in Messenger. In this article, we will know how to search past messages in Facebook Messenger.

First things first, you will need either official messenger (Messenger Lite and Facebook Lite won’t work in this case) or open messenger in your PC. You can open Messenger by using URL https://www.messenger.com.

The steps of the process for searching past messages in a messenger mobile app and Messenger web app are the same. Here, we’ll be showing examples from Messenger mobile app.

1. Open Messenger.
2. Click on search bar.
3. Type the message or fraction of message you want to search.
4. You’ll see ‘Search Messages’ option. Click on it.
5. You’ll now see people with whom you had conversation using the searched term. Click on the one whose mesages you want to see.
6. Now, you will be shown the entire messages list which contains the term you searched for.
7. Choose the desired message.

See the entire process in the images below:

This is the way you can search your past messages on Messenger. If you still have any questions, you can either comment below or message us directly to our Facebook page.

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