Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many countries are in lockdown. People are not allowed to gather at a place. As a result, the trend of virtual meetup has risen to the top.

People are using video conferencing services for everything that involved physical gathering. These services are widely used to celebrate moments like birthday, anniversary and so on. People also use these services for running virtual academic classes, yoga classes, concerts etc.

These practices have resulted in the growth of video conferencing services. Currently, Zoom is the most used video conferencing service. It had a massive growth and reached 300 million monthly users from 10 million monthly users in this coronavirus pandemic. It’s growing excessively despite its security breach that took place recently. More than 500 sand Zoom users’ data were sold on the dark web.

Seeing the growth of Zoom, many rival companies are improving and introducing new features to their services. The search giant, Google also made its video conferencing service, Google Meet free for everyone.

Google today announced in its blog that Google Meet will be available to everyone for free starting early of May.

“Starting in early May, anyone with an email address can sign up for Meet and enjoy many of the same features available to our business and education users, such as simple scheduling and screen sharing, real-time captions, and layouts that adapt to your preference, including an expanded tiled view”, said Google in its blog.

Previously, the service was available only to G Suite subscribers. In case you don’t know, G Suite includes the Google’s program bundle for the organizations.

Google is seeking to expand its market share in video conferencing services. As a result, it made Google Meet free for everyone.

More companies are introducing new features:

Microsoft, Webex and other companies are also introducing new features to their services. All these companies want to grow to the top of the market share chart.

Whoever grows to the top of the chart, introducing free services definitely benefits the general public. We’re always in favor of it.

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