Facebook is going to launch a new video call service. Facebook officially announced that it is going to provide additional and different features by improving the existing video call service.

Named ‘Messenger Room’, the service allows you and 49 other people to communicate at a time. Facebook has designed it for group video chats, meetings, and interactions. There is no time limit for Messenger Room video chat.

For a group video chat, one person can create a messenger room on Facebook and Messenger and invite another person for a conversation. The person who created the room can make the room accessible to everyone or only to those who have an invitation. The company says that even a person without a Facebook ID can be invited. The persons who are invited to the room can know about all the participants in the video conversation, and the person who created the room can also remove desired members.

While in a room, you can play with a handful of Facebook’s AR (Augmented Reality) filters. You can even change your background with a virtual one. There are some really awesome 360-degree virtual backgrounds.

According to the company, a link to the messenger room will be placed on the right side of the Facebook app. Facebook has also claimed that security and privacy have been fully ensured in the video conversation. However, the video chat in the rooms is not end-to-end encrypted. Rooms are available in Messenger in nearly all countries where Facebook is available, the company said. It has become available inside the Facebook app in a handful of unspecified countries and will roll out globally within the coming weeks.

More about the Video Chat

Facebook's Messenger Room | You may want to know about it

Facebook says that it’ll be adding Messenger Rooms integration to Instagram and WhatsApp too. After this, you will be able to jump directly into a video chat from whatever app you happen to be on. The development and roll out of Messenger Rooms will give you yet another better way of keeping in touch with friends, family or relatives. Facebook may think Room is an alternative to Zoom and it is and it also says it won’t show ads in room.

So, Should you use Messenger Rooms?

It’s a very new service by Facebook that sounds like it’s highly functional. Using this service is all in your hand i.e. how much you trust Facebook, it’s privacy and the alternatives. So, decision is on your hand to use this service or not as Facebook claims audio and video from Rooms won’t be used to inform any ads and it says it doesn’t sell any of your information to “anyone” and “never will.”

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