Smart Cell Data Leak

An anonymous person today leaked data of 500 people through Twitter. Twitter user with username @LKhyah posted a link to Medium post containing link to data. The data contains name, phone number and address of half of the people. Although the leaker didn’t mention the data was leaked from Smart Cell’s database, looking at the pattern of the number leaked, we guess the data was leaked from Smart Cell’s database. He has accused government to be responsible of data leak.

In his Medium post, he’s talked about the journalists from Birgunj. He says that the journalists are not given respect. They can’t even report even if they’ve pass. He adds, police doesn’t care of the pass and punishes the journalists for going for reporting. Journalists were protesting for the act.

Recent Data Leak Exposes 500 Smart Cell Users' Information

He also accused government of modifying COVID-19 results. According to him, two journalists who were positive in COVID-19 test didn’t have any symptoms and the results are fake. It was done to disturb the protest.

Not only this, the journalists who were arrested earlier are made to attend police station daily to sign in such a difficult condition led by COVID-19. Those journalists were arrested for writing something on social media. [He didn’t clarify what they wrote]

He says, government should pay attention to the case and stop doing such things. If the government doesn’t pay attention, he’ll leak double the data every 3 days.

What’s in the leaked data?

The leaked data contains name, phone number and address in half of the data. He’s leaked data in two files. One file contains address while the next doesn’t. In total, 500 people’s data is leaked.

When we analyzed the data, the list contains data of only Smart Cell users. The numbers are serially posted leaving some numbers in between. So, the data might have been extracted from Smart Cell’s database. However, the leaker denied to tell the name of company saying it doesn’t want to damage company’s reputation.

When we asked Smart Cell about the case, the company seemed unaware of the incident. The company is now looking after this case. We’ll update you once the company speaks about it.

What does the leaker say?

In the interview with us, the leaker told he’s ready to face jail for the case. He also said that he’s password protected the vulnerability he exploited so that no other people can use same loophole.

When we asked what does he want to say more, he replied, “I want government to take action against the stuffs I mentioned in the article if the government doesn’t want more innocent Nepali citizens’ data being leaked by me.”

Later he posted that he’ll leak more data from the same database at 7:30 pm.

The incident has again brought the question of cyber security in Nepalese companies. Recently, different data breaches took place leaking hundreds of thousands of people’s data.

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