Are you planning to make your brand presence online? It’s important that you need to have a domain name to get your blog, shop or anything related to your brand go online. If you’re looking forward to it, there’s something in this article that can shape your online presence.

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There are a lot of domain name registrars and hosting providers all over the globe and a significant number of companies are located here in Nepal too. It’s quite a hard decision to choose the right company. The right company you’re wishing to choose should provide the best services at a reasonable price.

Cheapest Domain Registration in Nepal:

Domain registration in Nepal costs Rs. 1200 in normal. Since we’ve said you that we’re providing you information to register the domain at the cheapest rate, you’ll get a huge discount on that.

Prabhu Host is one of the most popular domain registrars and hosting companies here in Nepal. They charge Rs. 1200 for new domain name registration. Gadget Concern has partnered with Prabhu Host for new domain registration at just Rs. 900 when you subscribe to any hosting plan from them. Isn’t this an amazing offer? You’re getting a flat discount of Rs. 300 in a domain. As far as we know, this is the cheapest rate for domain registration in Nepal. 

Besides the domain name, you’ll get many more premium features including DNS Management, Fully Automated Control Panel Theft Protection, and Extra Security Domain Forwarding for free. Yes, you read it right, you’re getting all these features with the domain name at just Rs. 900.

If you want to push your site online, you’ll need to get hosting service too. For that too, Prabhu Host is providing hosting plans at a reasonable price. If we talk about customer satisfaction, Prabhu Host has got an average rating of 4.7 in Trust Pilot and 5 on Facebook Page rating during the publishing of this article.

To enjoy this offer, you just need to use GC300OFF as a promo code during checkout.

Prabhu Host:
Promo Code: GC300OFF

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