Canon Prices

Cameras have become inevitable devices for people. People do not want to lose their memories and hence want to capture them as pictures or videos. Although all the smartphones come with cameras nowadays, people still prefer digital cameras to capture their moments. We hope, so you do.

There’re lots of camera manufacturers out there. Most popular camera brands include Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. Among these top brands too, Canon is at the podium of popularity.

Canon Inc. is a Japanese based multinational corporation headquartered in Ota, Tokyo, Japan. It has brought various lineups of cameras. It’s cameras enter the camera market at the entry-level and go up to the professional cameras. Choosing the right camera is always a difficult task. Different pricing in different places makes it more difficult for the customer in decision making. So, here we present the rundown of Canon camera pricing in Nepal from the cheapest to the most expensive here in Nepal.

Canon DSLR Cameras Price in Nepal:

Camera ModelPrice in Nepal
Canon EOS 4000D KIT 18-55 IIINRs. 44,990
Canon EOS 3000D KIT 18-55 IIINRs. 45,490
Canon EOS 1300D (18-55) IS II KITNRs. 49,990
Canon EOS 1500D KIT 18-55 IIINRs. 67,990
Canon EOS 1300D (18-55/55-250MM IS) KITNRs. 68,490
Canon EOS 200D II (18-55)STM KITNRs. 75,990
Canon EOS 750D (18-55mm STM)NRs. 78,490
Canon EOS 800D 18-55MM STMNRs. 80,490
Canon EOS 77D 18-555MM STMNRs. 104,990
Canon EOS 80D (BODY)NRs. 124,990
Canon EOS 77D 18-135MM STMNRs. 127,990
Canon EOS 80D (18-135mm IS NANO)NRs. 150,990
Canon EOS 6D Mark II (BODY)NRs. 207,490
Canon EOS 90D (18-135mm IS NANO)NRs. 214,990
Canon EOS 6D (24-105mm)NRs. 229,490
Canon EOS 6D Mark II (24-105) KITNRs. 309,990
Canon EOS-5D IV (BODY)NRs. 344,990
Canon EOS-5D IV KIT 24-105/4LIS IINRs. 432,590
Canon EOS-1DX II BODYNRs. 658,990

Where should you buy Canon Camera from?

When you ask the price of a camera in different electronics shops, you’ll get to know that the pricing is variable. That happens due to the excessive profit-taking behavior of sellers. You can get your desired camera at a consistent and the official rate at the authorized distributor.

Talking about the authorized distributor of Canon, Canon Image Square is the authorized distributor of Canon cameras in Nepal. Its store is located at CIVIL Mall, Sundhara. If you buy the cameras from the Canon Image Square, you won’t just get the genuine products but will also get 1-year of warranty. Besides it, Canon Image Square provides a camera bag and a 16GB SD card as complimentary gifts.

  • Location: Shop No. 106, 1st Floor, Civil Mall, Sundhara, Kathmandu
  • Contact Number: 01-4257297
  • Email Address[email protected]

Canon DSLR Camera Service Center in Nepal

Canon also has got appreciable after-sales services. An authorized service center is there to repair your defective camera parts. You can repair your camera by visiting the following address.

  • Location: 3rd Floor, Maitry Bhawan, New Road, Kathmandu
  • Contact Number: 01-4225042
  • Email Address[email protected]

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