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Bulk SMS has become an inseparable thing for tech lead businesses. Whether you run a small business or a giant company, bulk SMS is mandatory for you. Even freelancers have to send bulk SMS at a certain point in time. Bulk SMS providing has become a huge business itself. However, sending bulk SMS is way too expensive in Nepal. To make bulk SMS accessible for everyone, the experts at HuluHive Technology came up with quite a simple idea giving birth to Android Bulk SMS

Developed by experts at HuluHive Technology Pvt. Ltd., Android Bulk SMS is a web-based application to send SMS in large quantities. The co-founders of the company are Buddha Man Nepali, Nabin KC, and Sandesh KC. Buddha Man is a Full-stack developer, Nabin is a Senior Security Consultant and Sandesh has been serving as Networking Expert.  

By registering to the Android Bulk SMS, you can subscribe to their prepaid plans and send bulk SMS at a surprisingly cheap price. The prepaid plan ranges from Free to Business and Enterprise.  

The application sorts the recipient numbers and sends SMS using SMS packs bought in your mobile number. The application will send the SMS from one network SIM to the SIM associated with the same network.  

The user should buy the SMS package themselves manually as of now. The company says to include the feature to buy the SMS package in-app in the next app update. [Update: You can purchase SMS packages from your network provider from the app itself.] But, you must remember that you’ll have to subscribe to SMS packages out of your balance. 

The campaigns can be operated from their web application. However, the mobile application is also required to register your SMS device and send SMS as SMS is sent through mobile phones. As of now, the mobile application is only available for Android and can be downloaded from its website. The application isn’t available in the Play Store as it’s waiting for approval.

Plans and Features: 

Currently, the application offers three prepaid plans. The plans are based on the usage of the customer. The three plans include Free Plan, Pro Plan, and Enterprise Plan. You can subscribe to any plans using an in-app currency called ‘Credit’.

Android Bulk SMS

Free Plan: 

The Free Plan in Android Bulk SMS is targeted to individuals like freelancers. Using this plan, the user can add 1 SMS device and send 100 SMS. However, they can update unlimited contacts using CSV and Excel format and create four contact groups. The support for this plan is limited. 

Pro Plan: 

The Pro plan is most suitable for Small Businesses. Purchasing Business plan at 7500 credit points (Rs. 150), you can add 2 SMS devices and send 5,000 SMS. You can upload an unlimited number of contacts and create unlimited contact groups. You’ll get online and offline support from 9 am to 5 pm with this plan. 

Enterprise Plan: 

The Enterprise Plan in Android Bulk SMS is targeted to medium and large businesses. Subscribing to the Enterprise plan at 12500 credit points (Rs. 250), you can add 3 SMS devices and send 10,000 SMS. You can upload an unlimited number of contacts and create unlimited contact groups. You’ll get 24/7 online and offline support with this plan.  

This is the best plan the company offers. We believe 10 thousand SMS management for just Rs. 250 is worth it.


The data is the most powerful weapon of this era. So, security is the most important aspect of any service which is no different from Android Bulk SMS. The company says all the contacts data are stored in its servers with bank-level security. The company also promises not to share any sort of customer data with any third parties.   

How cheap is this? 

SMS providers work in accordance with network providers. The cost increases in that model as both need some amount to run their services. In the context of Nepal, the normal cost of sending one SMS starts from Rs. 1.25.  

The networks have brought attractive SMS packages for their customers. For example, you can send 3,000 SMS from Smart Cell to Smart Cell at Rs. 25.54. This will cost Rs. 0.0085 per SMS. Android Bulk SMS uses such packages to reduce costs. The SMS will be sent from your own SIM card. 

If you have to send 15,000 SMS, you’ll need to pay more than Rs. 18,750 (at the rate of Rs. 1.25 per SMS), if you go through the SMS provider. Let’s see how much you need to pay after using Android Bulk SMS. We compare the best SMS packages offered by mobile network providers. You can choose any SMS packages of your desired network provider according to your need. The network charge calculation is mentioned below the table. 

Recipient Network Charge App Charge Total Saving 
Smart to Smart Rs. 127.71 Rs. 350 Rs. 477.7 Rs. 18,172.3 (96.9%) 
Ncell to Ncell Rs. 363.92 Rs. 350 Rs. 713.9 Rs. 17,936.1 (95.7%) 
NTC to NTC Rs. 3,0003 Rs. 350 Rs. 3,350 Rs. 15,300 (81.6%) 
Smart to All Rs. 9,6094 Rs. 350 Rs. 9,959 Rs. 8,691 (46.4%) 
  1. Rs. 25.54*5 – You can buy 3,000 SMS in Smart Cell at Rs. 25.54. Multiplied by 5 to make 15,000 SMS. 
  1. Rs. 24.26*15 – You can buy 1,000 SMS in Ncell for Rs. 24.26. Multiplied by 15 to make 15,000 SMS. 
  1. Rs. 60*50 – You can get 300 SMS in NTC for Rs. 60. Multiplied by 50 to make 15,000 SMS. 
  1. Rs. 0.64*15,000+ Rs. 9 – You can send SMS from Smart to any domestic network at 64 paisa per SMS. Multiplied by 15,000 to make 15,000 SMS. Rs. 9 is the service activation charge. 

*The above-mentioned table is based on the sum of Enterprise Plan and 5000 SMS limit addition (Rs. 250+ Rs. 100 = Rs. 350). We can clearly see that you can save a significant amount of money on bulk SMS by using Android Bulk SMS.  

OTP Verification: 

Running a startup is a really hard job. Expenditure management is really hard. Similarly, paying a huge amount of money to SMS providers also adds a burden. According to the company, Android Bulk SMS can be helpful to reduce your costs on OTP verification and sending SMS. The company says that the service has been started to facilitate startups and young minds. So, you may wish to test Android Bulk SMS once. 

SMS Campaign: 

If you run a business, you probably are familiar with SMS marketing. SMS marketing plays an important role to increase brand recognition and increment in sales. Android Bulk SMS isn’t just limited to SMS marketing. You can run campaigns and track and respond to customers’ interactions with the help of Android Bulk SMS. According to the company, this service will be automated in the next update. 

Android Bulk SMS

If you send SMS to your customers asking if they’re interested in your offer and they reply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, you can set automatic to follow up SMS. The company says, “On the survey, we conducted to our clients on ‘Automatic follow-up SMS’, we noticed the significant growth of their sales. The sales were increased by up to 300%. We’re really excited to share this.” 

You send SMS from your own contact number making customers easy to contact you. The per SMS rate is also really cheap and such an amazing feature is available. Probably, you’ll wish to test their service once. 

Referral Benefits: 

Android Bulk SMS comes with a referral offer. Using the referral offer, you can invite other people/companies and get 1000 credits. Invited people will also get 1000 credits.  

Application Experience: 

The UI of the web-application is simple to use. You can log in to your dashboard by registering on the application. The dashboard looks clean and is easy for navigation. 

The only complaint from us is that the ‘Buy Credits’ section had to be with ‘Pricing Plans’ than in the Settings. You can’t even see your credit amount on the ‘Pricing Plans’ which is quite frustrating. The company will probably fix this in the next update. 

Our View:

Since, you don’t need any amount to test its service, you can give a try.

If you want to give a try through a referral link, register through our referral link. 

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