About Us

Who are we?

We, the Gadget Concern team is a team dedicated to providing the authentic news and information on technology; mainly gadgets. We provide you authentic information on smartphones, laptops, drones, and camera including other gadgets. We aim at making people aware of the technology.

If you want authentic information about gadgets, Gadget Concern is your best choice.

We cover happenings in the technology sector. You can get latest tech news here. We don’t write for click-bait. So, you can trust our authenticity. However, we can’t guarantee the 100% correctness of the news as it depends on news providing agency too. Besides News, we review products and provide you guides too.

We write honest reviews without being influenced by any company or individual.

We are here to provide authentic information to the public. We write what we see, what we feel and what it is. We write both the positive and negative aspects of the product. So, Gadget Concern is the ideal place to read reviews.

Similarly, we provide you guides for choosing gadgets at different price ranges. We also provide the ‘Editor’s Choice’ which includes the best gadget at that range. Our guides will include smartphones, laptops, drones, and cameras.

This is our basic introduction. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us at the Contact Us section.

Rishikesh Upadhyay
Gadget Concern

Want to know more?

What information can I get from Gadget Concern?

Gadget Concern provides information on the latest tech updates, gadget reviews, gadget comparisons, gadget prices, tech tutorials and many more.

What are the countries that are covered by Gadget Concern?

Currently, we cover major global tech updates and updates from Nepal and India. You can get gadget prices based on Nepal and India.

Where is Gadget Concern based on?

Although we work from different parts of the world, Gadget Concern is headquartered in Nepal.

When was Gadget Concern established?

Gadget Concern was established on 30th October 2019 with an aim to increase digital literacy on people.

Can I submit Post to Gadget Concern?

Yes, of course. You can submit your post to Gadget Concern. Currently, we don’t have ‘Submit Article’ page, but you can submit us by contacting us through Contact Us page.

Note: We check your post before posting on the site. So, there is no guarantee that your submitted post will be posted.