Webinar on Challenges of Tech Blogging in Nepal

The trend of blogging is increasing everywhere and so here in Nepal. The most used niche for blogging is ‘tech’. There are lots of challenges and opportunities as a tech blogger in Nepal. To discuss the challenges and opportunities of tech blogging, Tech Bloggers Forum Nepal is organizing a webinar on 23rd April 2020. Tech Bloggers forum is the community of tech bloggers that is formed with the purpose of bringing Bloggers and Policymakers in a single table. The webinar is titled ‘Tech Blogger’s Challenges in Nepal’.

Five speakers from different tech blogs will be discussing the topic in the Webinar. They will be discussing the challenges, opportunities, and scopes of tech blogging in the country.

You can join the webinar and if you couldn’t join too, you can watch the live stream of the webinar on the event page. We believe, the event will definitely be helpful in gaining knowledge about the challenges of tech blogging and ways of addressing them. You’ll also get to know about the opportunities of tech blogging in Nepal. This is an amazing opportunity you simply can’t miss. Who knows, you may be one of the next aspiring tech bloggers in Nepal.

Details of the Event:


  1. Shreeman Bhandari [Manager of Gadget Concern]
  2. Niraj Bhusal [Founder of TechSathi]
  3. Basanta K. Dhakal [Freelancer and Blogger]
  4. Siddhant Mandal [Founder and CEO of TechPatro]
  5. Sumi Prajapati [Content Manager of ICTByte]


  • Mina Aryal [Chief Editor of ICT Frame]

Topic of Discussion:

  • Challenges in the Tech Blogging
  • Opportunities for Tech Bloggers
  • Scope of the Tech Blogs in Nepal
  • Problems of Tech Bloggers in Nepal


  1. Gadget Concern
  2. TechSathi
  3. ICT Frame
  4. ICT Byte
  5. TechPatro

Event Schedule:

Time: 4pm-5pm

Date: 23rd April, 2020

Event Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/649042745885999

If you’re a tech blogger, we suggest you joining ‘Tech Bloggers Forum Nepal‘. If you become a part of a community, it’ll be easy for gaining knowledge and growing your blog. You can learn from the experts out there. Similarly, the community also makes addressing problems easier.

If you wanna ask any questions in the webinar or share anything, please let us know in the comment section below or message on our Facebook Page. We’ll definitely include your views or questions in the discussion if it deserves the place.

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