An anonymous hacker who leaked 500 Smart Cell users’ data today has leaked 5000 more users’ data. A hacker with Twitter alias ‘Lanpan Khyāh‘ with username @LKhyah leaked the data through Twitter. The data includes name, phone number and address.

Twitting a link to Medium at around 7:30 pm, he posted saying, “As promised here is an update to my previous data leak.” The Medium post had link to the data dump containing 5000 Smart Cell users’ data.

5000 More Users Affected by Smart Cell Data Leak

Smart Cell hasn’t come with any statement yet. They said they were looking for the incident.

He’s saying government is responsible for the data leak. In his two medium posts, he’s spoken for the journalists. He’s mainly raised voice for journalists from Birgunj. He’s asking for the justice of journalists.

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An Anonymous Hacker Leaks 500 Smart Cell Users’ Data