The anonymous hacker who had previously leaked 10,500 Smart Cell user’s data has leaked 10K more data today. Posting a tweet on his twitter handle, Lanpan Khyāh with username @LKhyah leaked data through dark web.

10K More Smart Cell Users' Data Leaked

With this leak, he’s leaked total of 20,500 users’ data. However, Smart Cell hasn’t said anything regarding this and previous leaks. Neither the hacker confirms the data source.

Cyber Bureau has also not spoken on this case. The hacker has been unstoppable in leaking users’ data.

The hacker has been calling government responsible for these leaks. He’s asking government to provide justice to the government. He’s been mainly talking about Birgunj issue which took place about a week ago.

Companies’s negligence on security measures has made Nepal’s cyber space more unsecure.

On his tweet, he said, “Some of you were messaging me about Indians defacing websites. It’s our turn to respond them now.”

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